Repair Nerve Damage With Natural Treatments

Repair Nerve Damage With Natural Treatments

Get help in Amarillo, TX for your sciatic nerve pain

Do you suffer from frequent hand tingling or pain in your extremities? You may be dealing with damage to your nervous system. Symptoms such as sciatic nerve pain are extremely common in patients throughout the U.S. Contact the professionals at West Texas Wellness Center to discuss a neuropathy treatment plan in Amarillo, TX.

Don't suffer needlessly with medications that can only mask the pain. Get to the source of your sciatic nerve pain. 95 out of 100 patients see improved outcomes after our treatment plan. Call 806-352-1500 today to schedule your first appointment in Amarillo, TX.

What caused my neuropathy?

Like many other medical conditions, there is not one definite cause that leads to nerve damage. It can be one cause, or the compilation of many causes. A few of the common causes are: 

  • Hereditary disorders
  • Infalmmatory infections 
  • Auto-immune diseases 
  • Malnutrition 
  • Alcoholism 
  • Protein absnormalities 

How can we help treat your neuropathy?

Neuropathy often presents itself first as hand tingling or pain in the extremities. Our in-office and at home regiments can:

Help you regain strength in your extremities
Reverse pain progression
Increase blood flow and circulation

Our treatment program helps restore your nervous system over multiple therapy appointments-no surgeries and no unnecessary medications. Contact West Texas Wellness Center today to learn more.